Solar Shield Glasses, Amber, Small

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Eschenbach and Dioptics Medical Products have partnered to offer low vision practitioners a line of contrast-enhancing filters designed specifically for the low vision patient. SolarShield®filters are available in five lens tints gray, yellow, amber, orange and plum (new!). These total protection filters are available to the consumer exclusively thru eyecare and rehab professionals.

Solar Shield® contrast-enhancing filters are available in 3 frame sizes: Small, Medium (Oval) and Large. The small frame will fit patients who have smaller eyewear or who don't wear eyewear at all, while the medium and large sizes will comfortably fit over a patient's standard eyewear.

Small frames [replacing Cateye] fit over Rx frames not exceeding: 5 1/2"w x 1 5/8"h - 142mm x 42mm. A = 60mm B=40mm. The amber polycarbonate lens provides medium range blue light filtering, which is ideal for contrast enhancement and improves visual acuity. It blocks 100% UVA/UVB light and 100% visible light up to 511nm.


  • Lens Material: Acetate
  • Mount: Plastic
  • Temple Design: Comfort-Flex
  • Tint Color: Amber Poly-carbonate Lens
  • Wavelength cutoff: 511nm
  • Accessories: Protective case included