Patriot 4.3 Snow Magnifier

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Patriot 4.3 lightweight magnifier that features magnification from 2x 16x in 10 color contrast combinations on a 4.3" screen.  It can connect to your television with the RCA cable included in the package. 


The magnifier can either be held a few inches above or laid directly on top of your reading material. 



  • 9 levels of magnification: 2x to 16X
  • 4.3" wide screen TFT LCD 
  • 10 color modes: true color, grayscale, black on white, white on black, white on blue, blue on white, yellow on black, black on yellow, blue on yellow and yellow on blue
  • Image freeze feature
  • Smooth autofocus and magnification adjustment
  • Simple 3 button operation with large, easy to find buttons
  • Intelligent memory - remembers last used settings
  • Writing Stand
  • Power saving turns off after 3 minutes of no use


  • Snow Magnifier
  • RCA cables for connecting to a television screen
  • Soft protective case
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Wall charging cord
  • Cleaning cloth